Naomi’s Room Book Review

Brad and I are huge fans of all things horror, books included. After seeing Naomi’s Room on a “scariest books you’ll ever read” list, he gave it to me as a Christmas gift. Was it the scariest book I’ve ever read? Read on to find out!

naomi's room

Don’t let the cover fool you. It’s better than it looks. I’m still not sure what that woman on the front has to do with anything in the book.


Title: Naomi’s Room

Author: Jonathan Aycliffe (pseudonym for Daniel Easterman)

Published: April 15, 1992

Format I Read: Paperback

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: After the brutal murder of their daughter Naomi, Charles and Laura find that their house is harboring a dark secret.

Thoughts: As you can see, my synopsis is very brief. This is because I don’t want to give away anything about this book. If you like horror, this is one you need to read yourself. The writing is a bit clunky at times, but overall this is a fast read. It’s fairly short, but the reason it’s fast is mostly that you will be compelled to find out what happens. Was it scary? Absolutely! Aycliffe knows how to turn a phrase. Unexpected jolts of horror are sprinkled throughout the book with an ending that I did not see coming at all. And, trust me, that’s saying something because I have seen enough horror movies that it is difficult to fully surprise me. I can usually see the ending coming or at least anticipate where it’s headed. Not so with this book, and that was exciting. If you enjoy a scary story, this is definitely worth your reading time.


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