Memorial Day Weekend Book Sale

As you may or may not have gleaned from previous posts (and my blog title), I love buying books. This weekend, our local Half Price Books Outlet was having a 50% off everything sale which was too good to pass up. My husband, Brad, and I went Sunday afternoon to check it out. Here was our haul.

Another stack for The Stacks

Another stack for The Stacks

The Bird Artist and The Sparrow were in my Amazon wish list, so picking them up for next to nothing was a total score! I’ve not heard anything about Stephen Fry’s novel (in fact I didn’t know he had written one), but the husband and I are huge fans of his so it was a definite purchase. To be honest, we are massive Anglophiles. We love British television, movies, books, you name it. We are currently watching Jeeves And Wooster on Hulu so we have been seeing Mr. Fry quite a bit lately. Brad had seen it before, but this is my first time. It is very funny! A post for another day is our intense love of British television, especially British mystery shows. So good, so addictive.

More movies for The Stacks as well

More movies for The Stacks as well

For Christmas, I bought Brad a VCR. It was like 1990 in our apartment, and we loved it! He was able to find three VHS tapes worth owning and a DVD copy of The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave. Evelyn is a great giallo (see my The Girl On The Train post for a definition of giallo films and my subsequent declaration of love for them) that we couldn’t pass up even though we owned another copy. We have this thing where sometimes we can’t leave a film or book that we love in the store even if we already own it. It’s like I want to make sure it has a happy home with someone who loves and appreciates it. Does anyone else do that or is it just us? Also, don’t judge us for owning Snake Eyes. I got mad love for some Brian De Palma.

Have you read any of these books or seen these movies? Share your thoughts!


9 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Book Sale

  1. Stephen Fry had actually written several books. All of them are wonderful. I’ll peruse my collection to give you a full breakdown if needed. Kostova and Fforde are also big faves of mine. I’ve been wanting for to check out The Girl On the Train but am fearing its hype after the Gone Girl debacle.


    • That’s good to know, Emily! I will probably be checking out everything he’s written, in that case. Feel free to give me your opinion on them. šŸ™‚ I read The Historian a long time ago and enjoyed it, so I hope this one by Kostova is good too. Also, I did not like Gone Girl AT ALL, but I really enjoyed The Girl On The Train.


  2. I’d never judge anyone for owning Snake Eyes, least of all you two. And how I never watched it during my week of Cage madness I’ve no idea. Might have a double dill of it and Body Double soon. As Brad knows I’ve been meaning to re-watch the latter as of late.

    And that whole thing about re-buying stuff you already have so it has a happy home really warms my heart. Your bank manager might not see it the same way, but who asked them anyway?


  3. I love Jeeves and Wooster too!! Haven’t ever heard of anyone else who enjoys it, so thank you for posting that šŸ™‚
    All I’ve heard about Stephen Fry re: books, is that the autobiography is said to be a bit disappointing. So here’s hoping his novels aren’t. Enjoy your wonderful haul!


    • Thanks, Jess! Good to know there are others out there loving Jeeves and Wooster! I’ve never read any of the P.G. Wodehouse books that the series is based one, but I’m hoping to check them out one day. I will definitely post a review of The Liar once I get around to reading it. Here’s hoping it’s good!

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