Albert Campion Detective Series

I am a huge fan of Golden Age British mystery novels. I adore Agatha Christie and her many wonderful contemporaries such as Gladys Mitchell, Dorothy L. Sayers, and more. These novels are always pure fun and fantastic mysteries. The stories pull you in and wrap you up. In many of them the mystery becomes secondary to the characters and settings so vividly brought to life. When I read The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers I didn’t want the book to end. The English village and its inhabitants are so charming that you want to crawl inside and live there a little while longer.

 The Nine Tailors

My favorite detective is probably Miss Marple. I love how she uses her little old lady status to learn and observe and then blows everyone away by being the smartest person in the room. My love of Miss Marple is also fueled by the Joan Hickson BBC adaptions of the stories. She is just lovely as Miss Marple, and the stories are so well done. There are three volumes of this on Blu-ray. I currently own volume one and the other two are top priority in my Amazon wish list.

Miss Marple Volume 1

One author my husband and I have not yet delved into is Margery Allingham, specifically the Albert Campion series. However, yesterday, I discovered that the Campion books are $0.99 on Kindle. Yes, you read that right, $0.99 each! So, I bought nine of them. Nine books for nine dollars is a no-brainer in my book. Not only do we have stacks of real paper books in our little apartment, but we have stacks of Kindle books and iBooks books as well. We do not discriminate. As much as I love an actual book on my shelf, I think the advent of the e-reader and the access it provides is brilliant. I did some research (aka googling best Campion books) and bought the ones I felt would be good reads for a Campion newbie. The one below, The Tiger In The Smoke, was listed by a few different people as one of her masterpieces. I can’t wait to give them a go!

 The Tiger In The Smoke


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