Books are the best.  Don’t you agree?

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to read.  When children are very young, people say that when they get quiet is when you should worry.  When I was quiet it always meant I was reading.  In elementary school I was the kid who circled almost every book on the take-home order forms, begging my parents for just one more while eagerly awaiting the next book fair.  In high school I was the kid who went straight to her next class so I could have time to read before it started.  As an adult, I still love reading and owning books.  I try to read every chance I get, and my husband can vouch that my favorite time of the year is used book sale season when our local public library sells thousands and thousands of used books.  In fact, our apartment is turning into quite the little library itself.  We have stacks upon stacks of books and movies occupying our little space.  Our book and movie collection constantly grows despite our best efforts to contain it.  To be honest, we probably don’t try all that hard.  We love owning books and movies in any and all formats. Inspired by my love of reading and books, I have decided to start writing reviews and posting them here on this slice of internet.  I may also post about book-related topics or even movies and TV shows from time to time.  I hope that you will join me, and we can share the love of living in the stacks together.


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